Grey seal pupping time

A newborn grey seal pup and mother on a secret beach on today’s Coastal Exploration – this time of  year through to December is when the mothers give birth, usually in dark hidden caves so this is a special wildlife find.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Orchids in abundance

Fantastic weather has ensured amazing displays of orchids this year – these are Heath Spotted orchids on a Coastal Exploration last week.

Cornwall Heath Spotted Orchids - cliff top wildlife on the coastpath

Heath Spotted Orchids on Cornwall’s coast path shining in the sun.

Relaxing Cornish wildlife

We are seeing our summer wildlife at the moment like this slow worm basking in the sun alongside the Cornwall Coast Path during a Coastal Exploration walk on the clifftops

Come and see the Lizard in Cornwall

Working in mid Cornwall this week with fantastic weather and the chance to see Common Lizards basking in the sunshine. This is a female, they give birth to live young and hunt spiders, grasshoppers and other small invertebrates. Guided walking… Continue reading

Silken tents on the South West Coast Path

At this time of year we sometimes see whole stands of blackthorn bushes stripped of their leaves by lackey moth caterpillars. The bright orange and blue caterpillars that live communally in silken tents eventually become a drab brown adult moth… Continue reading

Cliffs, coves and seals, Cornwall

4th June – A cliffs and coves walk using some of the coast path with lunch spent watching seals snoozing just off shore in the sun and waves

Grey seal in Cornwall

A Sunset Trail

On the 24th May on a sunset trail walk this evening we were looking for nightjars and views. Rescued this little chap from the path where he was looking decidedly sorry for himself and vulnerable to the nearby barn owl and buzzards


Barn Owl

Recent Trip Away..

On a recent trip away to Scotland on the 11th May we saw some fantastic wildlife including this chap feeding on the shore just outside our cottage despite the wintry weather


Explore in Cornwall Starts Exploring

2ndMay – A stroll out on the moors with good views of Whitethroat feeding young, Stonechat fledglings and blue skies.